10 Characteristics of a Mentally Healthy Person

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Everyone wants to enjoy good mental health but what does that really mean? What do we say, think, feel, and do that shows we do not suffer from poor mental health? If we can define examples of good mental health, it makes it easier to recognize when someone is struggling. In this article, Montare Outpatient explores the top 10 characteristics of a mentally healthy person. 

Man who practices all of these characteristics of a mentally healthy personWhat Does it Mean to be “Mentally Healthy”? 

The World Health Organization defines mental health as “a state of mental well-being that enables people to cope with the stresses of life, realize their abilities, learn well and work well, and contribute to their community.” Being mentally healthy is every bit as important as being physically healthy. It affects every aspect of a person’s life and provides them with the opportunity to achieve their goals throughout their lifetime. 

Someone who does not experience any time of mental health disorder can be said to have the characteristics of a mentally healthy person. Having said that, people who have a mental health disorder that cannot be cured but engage in regular and effective treatment can enjoy many of those same characteristics. In this article, we explore the commonalities of people who have good mental health.

10 Characteristics of a Mentally Healthy Person:

A General Sense of Optimism

Everyone has bad moods or down days, but mentally healthy people have a general sense of optimism. They believe in their abilities to handle life and create the joyful futures they want even if it takes a long time. Mental illnesses such as depression or bipolar disorder rob people of their ability to maintain this. They are unable to feel hopeful or that things will turn out well.

High Self-Esteem

A person with high self-esteem views themselves in a positive light. They believe their thoughts, feelings, and opinions have worth and deserve respect. They can perceive their own flaws but still love and value themselves.

Practices Self-Care

Self-care can look different, depending on the person and their needs, but people increase their ability to be mentally healthy by practicing this art. This includes not pushing themselves past their limits, taking downtime when they need it, setting and enforcing boundaries, and meeting their basic human needs.

Takes Care of Physical Needs

When someone has a mental illness, their physical needs often suffer. Improving it includes making sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet, get enough sleep, and engage in regular exercise. Each of these actions supports not just physical health but also good mental health.

Engages in a Social Life

So often, people with poor mental health end up isolating themselves. One of the characteristics of a mentally healthy person is a willingness to be sociable. Keeping up with family members and good friends, and participating in social outings helps people feel connected and part of the world. It also gives the individual activities to look forward to doing.

Enjoys Hobbies and Pastimes

Part of the fun of life is having activities a person enjoys doing and can focus on regardless of their mood. They can be passionate about hobbies and pastimes that are solo acts or group activities and can be passive or active. The key is to discover the right hobbies and make sure to devote regular time to doing them.

Deals with Painful Feelings

So often, someone with poor mental health has great difficulty dealing with painful emotions. They tend to try to ignore or bury them, or they punish themselves for experiencing them. Good mental health means allowing painful feelings to come, acknowledging them, and using healthy coping skills to deal with them.

Finds the Humor in Life

Not everything is funny, of course, but being willing to look for humor can help a person stay balanced. Mentally healthy people can laugh at themselves and sometimes find levity in situations that challenge them. Laughter increases the production of endorphins in a person’s brain, which naturally causes joyful feelings. 

Keeps a Gratitude Journal

Writing down a set number of things that happen each day to be grateful for can help a person keep a positive mindset. The idea is to see the glass as half full whenever possible. Entries don’t have to be big things, like getting a promotion at work, although that counts. It can be smaller things like a phone call with a friend, time spent reading a book, or snuggling with a pet.

Seeks Help When You Need It

If life becomes overwhelming and someone with good mental health finds they need support, they reach out. It can be talking to loved ones and asking them to aid them, or it can be contacting a therapist or a mental health treatment center to get the care they need. Even short-term therapy can help people keep their heads above water and face their challenges head-on.

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Do you recognize yourself in this list of characteristics of a mentally healthy person? If not, it may cause you to think about how to change your emotions, thinking, and behaviors. Montare Outpatient offers an array of programs that treat people with mental health disorders that are also designed to help boost ones self-esteem. Because we have several levels of care, our individualized treatment plan can meet your specific needs and schedule. Our combination of several types of therapy and any necessary medications puts you back in the driver’s seat. 

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