Group Therapy in Los Angeles, California

When someone struggles with poor mental health or addiction to drugs or alcohol, they usually feel alone in many ways. Montare Outpatient includes group therapy here in Los Angeles, CA as part of our treatment plans to help address this issue. When people come together as part of a group of people who identify with each other and the issues they have in common, great progress can be made. The peer support that takes place in group therapy helps people learn about themselves and become comfortable giving and receiving advice that elevates them in their recoveries.

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What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy in Los Angeles is led by one or more therapists trained to help people meet to discuss an experience or condition they have in common. This can include having a specific type of mental health disorder, addiction to drugs or alcohol, and other situations. For those who deal with a mental illness, group therapy can provide a way for members to learn to manage their symptoms. For those who have substance use disorders, group therapy can offer support toward avoiding triggers and staying sober. 

The size of the group ranges, but generally is about five to fifteen people. The first time a person attends group therapy, the therapist will introduce them to everyone. The individual may feel comfortable just listening to others at first but will be encouraged to join in discussions when they feel comfortable. 

Group discussions take place in some sessions, with a lot of give and take from members. Other times, people focus on a few specific members who discuss their experiences and the progress they want to make. Everyone can participate in talking about the challenges that come with things like mental illness or staying in recovery. The goal is to create a safe environment in which people feel comfortable opening up and processing their feelings. 

Group therapy discussions don’t just center around one specific topic. Group sessions provide a great place for people to talk about subjects related to their initial problems. This includes careers, schooling, dating, relationships with family and friends, and planning for the future. 

What Does Our Group Therapy in Los Angeles Treat?

Our group therapy in Los Angeles treats several types of mental health disorders. In addition, we also treat substance use disorders, which often happen alongside mental illness. The types of mental health disorders we treat include:

When someone first arrives at our facility, we perform an assessment to make sure they receive the right diagnosis. For many people, it is the first time they can put a name to what’s wrong. This helps them begin to understand their condition and set goals to achieve in therapy.

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Benefits of Our Los Angeles Group Therapy Program

Several benefits come with participating in our group therapy in Los Angeles. The first is that this type of therapy helps people learn they are not alone. Millions of people deal with the types of conditions that get addressed in group therapy. As a result, group members become comfortable opening up about their specific situations and the complicated emotions that come with them. From there, they can learn to process everything instead of hiding it from others. 

Another benefit is that group therapy is a social event. Too often, those who feel lost in poor mental health or addiction isolate themselves from others. They lose valuable social skills and the pleasure that comes with relating to other people. Everyone finds opportunities to create bonds. In fact, some friendships develop during treatment that continues after the program ends. 

Group therapy is a no-judgment zone. Everyone has their stories to tell and group therapists make sure to foster a place where people feel free to open up. They can discuss uncomfortable emotions like anxiety, depression, fear, and shame in a safe environment.

Montare Outpatient employs a staff of highly trained experts who use their skills to engage people in group therapy. They understand how to help people open up and bond with others. The individual doesn’t just receive support but finds value in offering advice to others who are in a similar boat. This bolsters their confidence and shows them how powerful they can be when it comes to healing.

Begin Group Therapy in Los Angeles, California

Do you find it difficult to talk about your struggles and wish you knew other people who walked in your shoes? Group therapy provides the type of setting that helps people understand they are not alone. Montare Outpatient offers group therapy Los Angeles to people who want help managing their mental health or overcoming substance use disorders. Therapists lead small groups of people in pursuit of learning to heal mentally, emotionally, and physically while in the company of their peers. 

If you would like more information about how group therapy can work for you, visit our admissions page now. Let our staff help you open up and begin planning a healthier future.