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When someone struggles with poor mental health or a substance use disorder, they often experience difficulty identifying and regulating their emotions. This type of difficulty can be treated by using Dialectical Behavior Therapy, also called DBT. Doing so allows the individual to develop mindfulness and handle symptoms of mental health disorders better. It can also assist when they feel urges to drink or use drugs after becoming sober. Montare Outpatient offers DBT in Los Angeles, California, that changes people's lives. Patients attend sessions during the week while still attending to their daily responsibilities while living at home.

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What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy is a type of talk therapy used in private sessions and in treatment facilities. It can take place as part of individual therapy or in a group therapy setting. This therapy was originally modified from cognitive behavioral therapy and used to treat borderline personality disorder. Since then, it has proved to be effective in treating several kinds of mental health disorders, as well as helping people in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

At the heart of our DBT therapy in Los Angeles, California, lies teaching people the ability to learn to regulate their emotions. When someone experiences mental illness, they often find it difficult to control their emotions. As a result, the person may act or react in irrational or negative ways. They often rely on past emotional responses and stay stuck in that familiar mindset. DBT helps people learn to interpret and regulate their emotions in a new and better way. They learn healthy coping skills that allow them to minimize some of the contributing problems that result in poor mental health.

What Happens During a DBT Therapy Session?

DBT begins by setting goals for what the individual wants to accomplish. The therapist helps them identify patterns that hold them back and guides them through ways to reframe their thinking and make better choices. They may have homework assignments that enable them to work on exploring their emotions and thoughts and work on healing between appointments. 

Using DBT also helps people learn to tolerate feelings of distress. For example, when someone who has an anxiety disorder begins to feel anxious, they often lose their ability to avoid a panic attack. They feel helpless and hopeless. DBT teaches people to put feelings and events in perspective and build confidence that they can handle what’s happening. They use grounding skills taught by their therapist, which provide a boost in confidence. 

DBT can also help people enjoy better relationships with partners, family, friends, and others. They do this by learning how to establish healthy boundaries with others and respect the boundaries other people set. This type of interpersonal effectiveness has a domino effect because it also helps minimize some of the negative outcomes that happen as a result of the symptoms and behaviors of poor mental health.

What Does DBT in Los Angeles, California Treat?

Many types of mental health disorders can be helped by using DBT in Los Angeles, California. For this reason, we use it as part of our programs for treating the following conditions:

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Benefits of Our Los Angeles DBT Therapy

Many benefits come from participating in DBT in Los Angeles, California. Those who complete DBT find they no longer feel stuck in the past or live in fear of the future. They become comfortable living in the now, confident that they can make wise decisions in the best interest of their mental health. The skills learned in treatment become second nature. From there, the individual can use them long after they leave outpatient care.

Montare Outpatient’s staff includes therapists who are extensively trained in providing DBT. They use their skills to help people on an individual basis or within a group setting. They get to know the people they treat in order to know how to best approach the use of DBT as part of their overall treatment plan. This sets patients up for a lifetime of better mental health.

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Do you feel a lack of control over your emotions and wish you could learn to regulate them? If you also have a mental health disorder or addiction to alcohol or drugs, becoming more mindful can help you heal in both areas. Montare Outpatient provides DBT therapy in Los Angeles, California that shows people how to take control of their lives. Our skilled therapists work with people to help them live fully in each moment and make smart choices for their future.

If you would like to know more about how DBT can change your life, visit our admissions page now. Our therapists will partner with you to bring about real and lasting change.