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Everyone sometimes feels anxiety, but it’s only temporary, and they quickly move on. For others, the anxiety becomes so constant that it negatively impacts many areas of their lives. When a person consistently experiences anxiety or panic attacks, they need to seek professional treatment in order to heal. Montare Outpatient provides outpatient anxiety treatment Los Angeles programs that help people address and overcome their anxious emotions.

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety can be part of different types of anxiety disorders that cause a person to constantly feel anxious and nervous. They may have a consistent level of anxiety or experience panic attacks. The amount of anxiety is so high that it interferes with a person’s ability to function in their lives. This includes affecting their personal relationships, careers, schooling, and ability to enjoy social activities. Anxiety may become a problem during childhood or develop during adulthood. 

The different types of anxiety disorders include:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Phobias

Someone in need of anxiety treatment in Los Angeles experiences different types of symptoms. The most common ones include panic attacks, increased heart rate, shallow breathing, difficulty sleeping, and constantly worrying. Many people also experience medical symptoms such as gastrointestinal problems and headaches that can’t be tied to other causes. 

What is Anxiety Treatment?

Anxiety treatment should come from someone trained to treat mental health disorders. This includes psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health care workers, doctors, and nurses. Two basic approaches are employed in order to help people minimize anxiety symptoms or overcome their disorder completely.

The first type of treatment is mental health therapy and can include several types. Individual therapy provides the backbone of talk therapy and allows each person a confidential safe space to open up about their emotions and experiences. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) proves especially effective in helping people deal with anxiety disorders. CBT helps people identify negative thinking patterns and emotional responses and reshape them into healthy ones. Other types of therapy used may include group therapy, family therapy, and neurofeedback therapy.

The second type of anxiety treatment in Los Angeles includes options for medication that help relieve anxiety symptoms. Several FDA-approved meds can help people as part of an overall program to treat anxiety. The prescribing clinician will recommend what medications may be needed and monitor the person to see how they impact them. Some people may only need medications on a short-term basis, while others may receive benefits from using them long-term. 

This is what anxiety treatment in Los Angeles is like

What to Expect During Outpatient Anxiety Treatment

Upon arrival, each person receives a thorough assessment in order to determine their history with anxiety and specific symptoms. Any prior treatment history will be discussed in order to create the right plan to address the person’s unique needs. 

A schedule will be designed that includes multiple types of therapy modalities. Each therapy session will include individualized attention that focuses on the treatment goals for overcoming and eliminating anxiety in a person’s life. 

Outpatient treatment for anxiety offers people the ability to receive the focused care they need without having to move into a facility. They can still live at home and, depending on their treatment schedule, still meet certain responsibilities related to work or school. An initial evaluation will tell the treatment team which level of care each individual will need.

The different levels of outpatient treatment include regular outpatient programs (OP), which is the lowest level and requires the least amount of sessions. The medium level of care is intensive outpatient programs (IOP), which typically include several days a week of therapy sessions. The highest level is partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and includes therapy five to seven days per week.

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Benefits of our Anxiety Treatment in Los Angeles

Our staff that provides anxiety treatment in Los Angeles, California is composed of experts in the field of treating mental illness. They provide compassionate, judgment-free care that allows people to feel free to open up and speak honestly. From therapists to doctors and nurses, each staff member helps partner with patients and create a solid plan for reducing their anxiety symptoms. 

When someone receives anxiety treatment in Los Angeles, they will be among other people who deal with the same challenges. This type of peer support provides a boost in a person’s ability to feel heard and understood. In addition, recommendations for aftercare can be made once a person completes their formal treatment.

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Has anxiety overshadowed your life and made it difficult to work, go to school, or enjoy social activities? If so, we can help you address this trying condition and regain control of your life. Montare Outpatient’s anxiety treatment Los Angeles programs provide highly effective therapy modalities that improve the symptoms of anxiety. Our skilled therapists partner with each person and guide them through a process designed to improve their mental health and quality of life.

For more information about how we can help you rid your life of chronic anxiety, visit our admissions page now. Quality, compassionate help is just a phone call away.