Neurofeedback Therapy in Los Angeles, California

When it comes to getting help for mental health disorders, most people can name at least a couple of common approaches used. While talk therapy and medications help people from all walks of life feel better, another option can be used. Neurofeedback therapy is a modern, non-invasive therapy that helps people understand their brain patterns. As a result, they can apply the knowledge in ways that help improve mental illness and addiction. Montare Outpatient’s Los Angeles neurofeedback therapy incorporates this highly effective type of treatment in order to help people minimize symptoms that happen with conditions like anxiety, depression, and more.

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What is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback therapy is also known as EEG biofeedback and has become more commonly used in the past several years. This technique is used to help people identify brain patterns and repair damage to the brain that impacts symptoms of certain mental health disorders. Our neurofeedback therapy in Los Angeles, CA is a non-invasive procedure that is both pain-free and drug-free. 

When someone has mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, their brains become out of balance. Neurofeedback therapy helps people restore that balance by learning self-control in how their brain communicates with them. Once they make this connection, they learn how much control they can develop and apply by using healthy coping skills.

When the results from neurofeedback therapy are felt varies per person. Many people experience an improvement in their symptoms after three to four weeks of sessions. Some people complete the process after one round of treatment while others may benefit most from having more than one round. Most people require at least ten sessions, with many achieving the best results by attending twenty sessions or more. The therapist will discuss how the person is progressing and set a general timeline for how many times they should meet.

How Does Neurofeedback Therapy in Los Angeles Work?

While the idea of using a therapy that specifically targets someone’s brain might sound intimidating at first, it’s actually fairly simple. A therapist trained in providing neurofeedback therapy meets with the individual to explain the process and answer any questions they have. The session begins with the therapist attaching electrical sensors to the individual’s head. There is no pain and no drugs are required. 

The therapist administers targeted electrical impulses that are read and recorded by a computer program. The therapist reviews the results with the person, which allows them to understand how the individual reacts to specific brain stimulation. The stimuli consist of activities like watching a video or listening to audio content. The results of the session help the person become aware of their emotional, psychological, and physiological reactions. From there, they can alter their thinking patterns, which proves helpful for people with poor mental health or who are trying to overcome addiction.

How does our Los Angeles neurofeedback therapy work

What Does Neurofeedback Therapy Treat?

Neurofeedback can be used to treat several types of mental health disorders. The most common ones include:

In addition, many people experience improvement in physical maladies, including insomnia, lethargy, and migraine headaches. As well, people who enter recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol can learn impulse control and make smarter choices when it comes to staying sober. Situations in which the person previously felt they had no real autonomy, such as turning down an offer to drink or use drugs, can now result in them avoiding risks of relapse.  

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Benefits of Our Los Angeles Neurofeedback Treatment

Many benefits come from using Los Angeles neurofeedback therapy. Many people experience fewer of the symptoms that happen with mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and ADHD. Identifying brain patterns helps people learn how to change them from negative to positive ones. Changing thought patterns influences the ability to change behavioral patterns. This can prove helpful for things like rejecting the idea that depression is insurmountable or that there is no way to avoid having a panic attack. 

Additionally, someone who has a substance use disorder can use neurofeedback therapy to help themselves enjoy continued sobriety. A huge part of recovering from addiction involves changing a person’s behaviors. Neurofeedback helps people make the connection between faulty thinking and making behavioral choices that negatively impact them. 

Begin Neurofeedback Therapy in Los Angeles, California

Do you wish that you could better understand how your brain works and retrain it to help improve your mental health? Neurofeedback therapy provides this exciting and modern approach used by therapeutic experts to treat mental health disorders and addiction. Montare Outpatient offers our Los Angeles neurofeedback therapy as part of many levels of our treatment. Learning to block negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones creates a new way of looking at life. 

If you want to know more about if neurofeedback therapy can work for you, visit our admissions page now. This non-invasive, pain-free approach may be the missing piece to feeling better.