Individual Therapy Program in Los Angeles, California

When someone decides to get help for their mental health disorder or addiction to drugs or alcohol, they have several options. Perhaps the most core approach that forms the backbone of treatment is individual therapy. It helps people learn to become comfortable talking about their emotions and experiences. As a result, it becomes easier to develop positive thinking and healthy coping skills. Montare Outpatient offers an individual therapy program in Los Angeles, CA, that sets the stage for learning to improve symptoms of poor mental health. It can also help people overcome substance use disorders. When used in conjunction with other types of therapy, individual therapy helps elevate people to levels they did not know they could obtain.

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About Our Individual Therapy Program in Los Angeles, California

Individual therapy programs in Los Angeles are the backbone for receiving care at our outpatient mental health treatment centers. It can be used alongside other types of therapies to allow the person to receive a well-rounded curriculum of care. Individual therapy is provided by licensed and trained experts, including psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, counselors, and social workers. 

During individual therapy, a bond is established between the therapist and the patient. They create a safe space in which the individual can freely discuss their emotions, experiences, fears, and hopes. They learn how to regulate their thinking and behavioral patterns and emotions. This helps the person gain a real understanding of their mental health and ways they can improve symptoms. For those who have a curable mental illness, it often leads to overcoming it. 

What to Expect During Individual Therapy Sessions

Upon arrival, each person will receive a thorough assessment of their mental health. We do this so we can fully understand things like how long the person has been in need of help, any prior attempts at treatment, and the symptoms they experience. This allows us to provide an accurate diagnosis of which mental health disorder the person has and what options there are for improving it. For many people, this provides their first opportunity to put a name to what condition they have. 

The therapist will ask the patient what sort of treatment goals they have in mind. As the sessions progress, these goals can be reviewed and revised, as needed. Individual therapy provides people with a place to really dig into their lives and determine what holds them back from achieving their goals. They learn what they cannot control, such as certain symptoms of mental illness. As well, they develop an understanding of how they can empower themselves in other ways. When people unlearn previously held beliefs that they are helpless, they become more powerful in their lives.

Man at our Los Angeles individual therapy programs for mental health

What Can Our Los Angeles Individual Therapy Program Treat?

Our outpatient individual therapy program in Los Angeles provides focused support for several kinds of mental health disorders. It can also be used as part of the treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The conditions that individual therapy proves helpful for include:

Many people find themselves struggling with both an addiction and a mental health disorder. This is called a dual diagnosis. When this happens, individual therapy can address both issues during treatment sessions. This helps save time and allows the person to make progress in both areas.

Benefits of the Montare Outpatient individual therapy program in Los Angeles California

Additional Benefits of Our Los Angeles Individual Therapy Program

Those who take advantage of our individual therapy program in Los Angeles, California, find they receive many benefits. Our staff includes highly experienced therapists who devote their careers to helping people overcome the difficulties of poor mental health and addiction. They understand how to use their expertise and compassion to create a warm, inviting environment that makes people feel comfortable.

A big part of treatment for mental illness involves the use of medications. We assess each person for any need for using prescription drugs to help relieve their symptoms. We can provide the medications and monitor the person for the results and any side effects. Meds can also help people in recovery from addiction by relieving physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. 

Begin Our Individual Therapy Program in Los Angeles, CA Today

Do you want to try going to therapy but aren’t sure how it works? Maybe you used to be in therapy before but didn’t feel it gave you the results you wanted. Montare Outpatient offers an individual therapy program Los Angeles that helps people improve both their mental health and ability to stay sober. We employ highly experienced therapists who create a private safe space in which people can speak freely. They learn to understand their different conditions, identify challenges to overcome, and make real progress. 

If you want to use individual therapy as part of an overall program to achieve better mental and physical health, visit our admissions page now. Truly effective help is just around the corner.