Borderline Personality Disorder

Everyone wants to enjoy the best mental health possible for them. When someone has a borderline personality disorder, it can be disconcerting and cause confusion about where to get help. Montare Outpatient developed borderline personality disorder treatment centers in California that provides maximum benefits for those looking for world-class mental health care. Our BPD treatment in Los Angeles, CA provides multiple types of therapy that teach people to understand their condition and manage the symptoms.

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What is BPD?

Borderline personality disorders (BPD) are a type of personality disorder. BPD is a mental health disorder that can become so problematic that a person becomes unable to work or fully function in their lives. BPD affects how people think, feel, act, and react in different situations. Friends and family members often feel confused by how their loved ones view and act in certain scenarios. They do not realize that irrational outbursts and negative feelings are the results of borderline personality disorder. Consequently, this can strain personal relationships, as well as cause problems at work or in school. 

Most people experience the onset of BPD by the time they reach early adulthood. This condition can be difficult to diagnose, which makes it necessary to get a full assessment from an expert trained to recognize BPD. This mental illness cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be managed with treatment. As well, symptoms can improve to some degree as the person gets older, particularly if they receive care for their illness.

What is a Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Center?

Borderline personality disorder treatment centers in California feature mental health care therapists and other clinicians trained to treat people with BPD. Each expert brings their training and experience in working with patients with BPD to the table. As a result, the individual feels understood and can begin to make progress not always possible when working with people who don’t truly get what borderline personality disorder is all about. As well, if the person also deals with another mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD, the treatment center can provide medical and psychological support for all conditions.

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How Does BPD Treatment in Los Angeles Work?

Borderline personality disorder treatment centers in California center their approach around providing multiple types of therapy. We offer therapies that help people with a diverse array of mental health disorders. The therapies we use include:

We don’t believe there is a cookie-cutter approach to treating mental health disorders. Because of this, we get to know each patient so we understand what types of therapy will provide the best results for them. From there, we create a schedule that shows the individual what types of therapy they will be attending and when. Sessions may require anywhere from a couple of days to several days a week, depending on which level of outpatient care they attend. 

We offer access to different kinds of prescription medications that help treat symptoms of BPD. We can also monitor the person for any need for FDA-approved medications that help treat symptoms of other mental health disorders or withdrawal symptoms related to addiction. The prescribing physician will monitor each person for side effects and make any necessary adjustments to their meds.

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Benefits of Our Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Centers in California

Our borderline personality disorder treatment centers in California offer many benefits. The first is that treatment sessions take place on an outpatient basis. This means the individual does not need to check into a residential facility to get focused, intensive care. Instead, they can live in their own homes while attending treatment sessions during the day. For many, this means being able to work or attend school while still getting the help they need.

Our staff is made up of mental healthcare professionals who dedicate their careers to helping people heal. Borderline personality disorder can be challenging to live with, but our staff helps people understand the specifics of how to revisit their assumptions about the condition. The wide variety of types of therapy helps address a multitude of aspects of living with BPD and how to control it.

Begin BPD Treatment in Los Angeles, California

Montare Outpatient offers borderline personality disorder treatment centers California that change lives. Our dedicated staff uses their experience in treating BPD to help empower people to uplift their mental health and feel more in control. We provide assistance for mental health disorders along with any co-occurring addiction to drugs or alcohol. Outpatient programs allow people to continue to tend to personal responsibilities at home and work while simultaneously improving their symptoms of BPD.

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