PTSD Treatment in Los Angeles, California

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can drastically impact a person’s life and compromise both their mental and physical health. Montare Outpatient recognizes the importance of providing high-quality, effective care for those who need it. Our PTSD treatment in Los Angeles, California, uses the most modern therapy modalities to help people learn to face their PTSD and overcome it. Our staff partners with each person to bring out the best in them and help them stop living a life ruled by the after-effects of trauma.

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What is PTSD Treatment?

PTSD is a mental health disorder brought on by suffering one or more traumatic events. The events may be recent or have happened as far back as a person’s childhood. Typically, the person who has PTSD became overwhelmed as a result of what they went through and did not seek mental health counseling to address the negative impact the trauma had on them. 

PTSD treatment in Los Angeles provides multiple ways to help a person deal with their illness and improve their lives. Therapists guide the individual through the process of addressing their trauma and how it affects their mental and emotional help. The therapist creates a safe space for the person to discuss what happened and learn to manage the symptoms that occur. Symptoms can include having flashbacks, avoiding certain locations or activities, and feeling unable to move past what happened to the person.

PTSD treatment helps people who have experienced a variety of types of trauma. This includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, both during childhood and as an adult. Other types of trauma include the death of a loved one, a divorce, surviving a natural disaster, a major illness or injury, military acts, and being witness to a mass shooting.

What is Our Outpatient PTSD Treatment in Los Angeles Like?

Our PTSD treatment in Los Angeles takes place on an outpatient basis. This allows the person to travel to our facility where they will take part in different types of trauma-based therapies. They can still live at home and avoid having to move into a residential facility for mental health disorders. Many people who receive outpatient care can continue working or going to school and also meet their family and other personal responsibilities. 

When someone first arrives at our center, we perform a full assessment to understand their needs. Not only do we treat PTSD, but we can also treat any other mental health disorders a person might have, such as anxiety or depression. We create a specialized schedule of different types of therapy to help the person process their PTSD and learn to heal from it. 

The therapists partner with each person to help them set and meet treatment goals. These include things like becoming comfortable discussing what happened in the safe space that therapy sessions create. The individual will also learn how to employ healthy coping skills that minimize their stress and keep their emotions from overwhelming them. 

Goals that can be achieved in treatment include reducing and eliminating symptoms such as flashbacks, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and insomnia. As the person heals, they also learn to develop healthier relationships with their loved ones. This replaces damaged relationships that were previously impacted by the results of their PTSD.

Healing at the best PTSD treatment in Los Angeles California at Montare Outpatient
People benefiting from our PTSD treatment program in Los Angeles CA

Benefits of Attending PTSD Treatment

A huge benefit of our PTSD treatment in Los Angeles comes from our staff members who dedicate themselves to helping improve people’s mental health. They use compassion and patience to help people feel comfortable opening up. The staff’s years of experience treating mental health disorders affords them the ability to help each person make real progress that lasts a lifetime.

We provide several types of mental health therapy beneficial to those who need help dealing with PTSD. These include:

Another benefit comes with access to prescription medications that address some of the symptoms of PTSD. Many people undergoing trauma-based therapy find that using FDA-approved medications helps them even out their emotions. When the person doesn’t feel overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, they feel more capable of facing their trauma head-on and healing from it.

Begin Outpatient PTSD Treatment in Los Angeles, California

Whether a person endured a traumatic event in the past or has just dealt with one, the effects are painful. They can cause someone to have difficulty enjoying healthy relationships, achieving their goals, and feeling in control of their lives. Montare Outpatient created a PTSD treatment in Los Angeles program that combines multiple types of therapy with experts trained to treat PTSD. Each person receives care tailored to their experiences and specific needs. They attend different kinds of therapy and take advantage of several choices of medications that can help ease their symptoms.

If you want more information about how we can help you overcome PTSD, contact us today. Our admissions staff can answer all of your questions and get you started on living the happy life you deserve.