Family Therapy in Los Angeles, California

When one person in a family suffers, it rarely happens in a vacuum. An individual experiencing a mental health disorder or addiction to drugs or alcohol often finds their struggles affect family members. When this happens, loved ones typically don’t know how to act, which can result in damaged relationships. Montare Outpatient includes family therapy near Los Angeles, CA, to help our patients rediscover healthy ways to communicate and come together. Our therapists use their skills to bring families back together and help their loved ones through their healing process.

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What is Family Therapy?

When someone deals with a mental health disorder or substance use disorder, it doesn’t just happen to one person. All too often, several of their family members also feel the impact of what’s happening. Sadly, the individual often doesn’t know how to communicate what’s going on, nor do family members know how to offer appropriate help. Montare Outpatient’s family therapy in Los Angeles allows the loved ones of the person in treatment to gather in therapy sessions to learn how to help the individual. 

Family members can include children, parents, siblings, partners, and more. Many people also choose to include close friends in their sessions. Sessions include discussing what challenges the person in treatment faces, how their condition may have started, and what can be done to improve their mental health. Therapists help family members understand that mental illness and addiction cannot be overcome by simple willpower. They teach loved ones effective ways to support each other with the goal of helping the patient rebuild their lives. 

Family therapy sessions may be held once a week or less often, with each session lasting about an hour. The therapist begins by explaining the goals of this type of therapy. Each family member is welcome to contribute by speaking openly about how they feel. The therapist helps guide the conversations so that people talk to each other in an honest and respectful manner. Once experiences, emotions, and viewpoints are out on the table, the family can begin to understand each other better. This helps strengthen the family unit both at the moment and after treatment ends. Each session is confidential, allowing people to talk freely without worrying about a loss of privacy. 

What Does Our Los Angeles Family Therapy Program Treat?

Our family therapy in Los Angeles program treats a variety of conditions that impact not only the individual but also their families. These include:

Family therapy taking place near Los ANgeles California

Benefits of Our Family Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Patients who participate in our family therapy receive multiple benefits. Many people who have a mental health disorder or addiction feel like their families don’t understand them. They may feel ganged up on and wish someone could help explain to their loved ones exactly what challenges the individual faces. Family therapists step into this role by becoming a neutral party that directs family discussions that include being honest and respectful. 

Someone in treatment for mental illness or addiction often finds themselves at a loss for how to communicate with others. In turn, their family members may feel frustrated because they don’t think their words are getting through. When this happens, people often become resentful, frustrated and blame each other for problems that arise in the family. Family therapists teach people to take turns speaking to each other in effective new ways. Family members learn to establish healthy boundaries with each other and respect the boundaries set by others. Once everyone feels like their voice is being heard and valued, a lot of progress can be made.

Instead of feeling like each person has their own battle, the family learns to problem-solve together. For example, someone who struggles with depression can learn how to ask for what they need when things feel rough. Family members can learn to anticipate what actions they can take to help their loved one feel better. Someone with a substance use disorder can express concern over a specific issue, like an upcoming social event. Family members can offer to do things like go with them and provide the support they need to stay sober.

Begin Family Therapy in Los Angeles, California

Do you have a mental health disorder or a substance use disorder and don’t know how to talk to your family about what’s going on? You’re not alone because these types of illnesses often break apart families. Montare Outpatient employs a staff of therapists skilled at providing family therapy in Los Angeles, CA, in order to help loved ones reunite. We help educate family members about what’s going on and how to support the person they love. As a result, families learn to communicate better and support the person seeking treatment. 

For more information about our family therapy, please contact us now. Our admissions staff is happy to answer any questions you or your family have about how to get help.