Outpatient Treatment Center for Mental Health in Los Angeles, California

Getting help for mental health disorders takes time. A lot of people assume serious, focused care for these conditions must take place in a residential facility. As a matter of fact, many people can improve their physical and mental health without having to check into a program and live there. Montare Outpatient offers several types of outpatient treatment programs in Los Angeles, California to help a diverse group of people. We create schedules for therapy sessions that fit into the busy lives of those we treat. This allows each person to still meet their personal and career responsibilities and live in their own homes while working on healing themselves.

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What is Outpatient Mental Health Treatment?

Outpatient treatment in Los Angeles consists of several types of therapy modalities offered to people in a facility. People travel to the facility for sessions that take place during the day but are not required to live there. Effective care is offered on three basic levels and is provided by experienced staff members who use their training to treat mental health disorders. An initial assessment will determine which level of outpatient care a person needs. 

The three types of treatment include outpatient programs, which are the least structured type and require attendance a couple of days per week. The second level is intensive outpatient programs, also known as IOP’s which require attendance several days per week. The most structured level of outpatient programs is partial hospitalization programs. With this type, people attend treatment five to seven days per week. 

Someone who wants truly helpful, high-quality care to improve their mental health doesn’t always need to live in a residential facility to receive it. Outpatient care works well for people who do not need that kind of round-the-clock care. They attend sessions two to seven days a week and learn to improve the symptoms of their mental illness. 

What Does Our Los Angeles Outpatient Treatment Treat?

Our outpatient treatment in Los Angeles works well when it comes to caring for people dealing with several types of mental health disorders. Some of the most common mental health conditions we treat at Montare Outpatient include:

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What to Expect During Our Los Angeles Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

Montare’s outpatient treatment in Los Angeles, CA is provided by a caring staff of physicians, psychologists, mental health counselors, nurses, and more. They bring their talents to the table and help each person feel free to open up and discuss their emotions and experiences. We believe our patients deserve compassionate care from people who know how to empower them in assisting in their own care. 

We provide a host of proven therapies that help bring about powerful change in all kinds of mental health disorders. The types of therapy we employ include:

Along with therapy, we help our patients explore their options for medications. Many prescription medications offer tremendous help in minimizing and eliminating several symptoms of mental health disorders. Our medical staff can prescribe meds and monitor the person to see how they are working. Any necessary adjustments can be made along the way.

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Benefits of Our Outpatient Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Outpatient care helps people get the multi-disciplinary help they need to improve their mental health without putting their lives on hold. As a result, a person can still tend to personal responsibilities. This includes family duties, continuing to work, or going to school. The schedule created for them allows time to attend to these parts of their lives, creating a real balance. 

Too often, a person with a mental health disorder also experiences an addiction to drugs or alcohol. We provide the benefit that comes from receiving treatment for both mental illness and substance use disorders at the same time. When a person works on healing in both areas of their life, they find they save time and money and tend to make progress more quickly.

Begin Outpatient Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles, California

Life can be challenging enough without having a mental health disorder. When you have one, you want to get help learning to improve your mental health from professionals. Montare Outpatient has a variety of outpatient treatment Los Angeles programs that give you the opportunity to learn to get better. We provide staff members who bring their experience in treating mental health disorders to the table every day. They partner with you to help you learn to manage the symptoms of mental illness. With our help, you can attend sessions during the day without putting your life on hold by entering a residential program.

Would you like to know more about how outpatient programs work? Visit our admissions page now and discover what a difference Montare Outpatient can make.