What are Mood Swings and What Causes Them?

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Do you feel like you have mood swings often but don’t know what causes them or how to gain control of them? What are mood swings? They may be a symptom of a mental health disorder that requires professional treatment. Montare Outpatient explores what mood swings feel like and what may cause them. If your mood swings indicate a larger problem and you need treatment for a mental illness, we have several programs that can meet your needs. We treat people on an outpatient basis and teach them to develop control of their moods and emotions.

What Are Mood Swings? 

Everyone has a change in mood from time to time, but when this becomes a pattern, it can be a symptom of a mental health disorder. What are mood swings like that are above and beyond an occurrence that just happens now and then? Mood swings are intense changes in a person’s emotional state and typically happen quickly and without warning. The individual may feel happy or peaceful and then suddenly be consumed with feelings of depression, sorrow, or anger. 

Mood swings cause a person to move back and forth between different moods without being able to regulate them. Some people describe it as feeling like they are on an emotional roller coaster. 

What Are Mood Swings Caused By? 

Mood swings can be caused by a variety of factors. If a person feels overwhelmed by life events, it can impact their ability to stabilize their mood. These events can include a change in or loss of a job, the beginning or end of a relationship, moving, and more. If someone experiences stress, anxiety, or depression that goes untreated, it can cause them to cycle through mood swings. 

Other causes of mood swings can include enduring a long-term illness or an injury. As well, developmental stages in life can cause difficulty regulating a person’s moods. This includes transitioning into puberty, adulthood, or retirement. Another issue that can impact a person’s mood is if they do not consistently eat a healthy diet or get enough sleep. However, when someone finds they experience regular and severe mood changes over time that they cannot control, it can indicate something else is going on. 

What are mood swings and should I be concernedShould I Be Concerned About Mood Swings? 

If you are experiencing regular cycles of mood swings you cannot control, it’s best to find out what’s going on. They are out of a person’s control can be indicative of having a mental health disorder. Mood swings are a common symptom of the following mental illnesses:


If you find yourself concerned that more is going on than just a temporary bout of mood swings, talk to a mental health professional. Many treatment programs provide a free phone consultation to help you understand your diagnosis. If you can benefit from treatment, a recommendation can be made for the type of program that suits your needs. 

Can Mood Swings be Treated? 

When mood swings are symptomatic of a mental health disorder, they are treatable. In fact, many people respond positively to participating in multiple types of therapy provided by mental health experts. The therapy modalities that help people manage and improve their moods include:


Attending outpatient treatment can provide the effective, skilled care that helps people who struggle with regulating their moods. Unlike residential or inpatient treatment, outpatient care does not require a person to move into a facility. Instead, they remain in their own homes and travel to a treatment center for daytime sessions. The different levels of outpatient care include:


An initial assessment of each person will allow the treatment staff to determine what level of care will meet the individual’s needs. From there, a schedule of evidence-based therapies will be created. When necessary, the use of prescription medications can help a great deal when it comes to overcoming mood swings. 

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Have mood swings become a way of life for you and it’s time to find out what’s behind them? You may wonder, “What are mood swings about and how can I learn to control mine?” Montare Outpatient employs a highly educated and experienced staff that recognizes when mood swings are symptoms of a mental health disorder. As a result, we can diagnose you and develop a treatment program that includes your specific needs. Our outpatient programs allow you to live at home while receiving vital care during the day.

Don’t let mood swings overtake your life. Help is as close as choosing to contact us today.